WebCome Lyon Events

  • Interaction 18 Off

    February 7th 2018
    Interaction 18 Off Citizenship and ethics. As a designer, what do these concepts say to you? What do they inspire you to create? Designer Fabrice Liut and the IxDA team invite you to disuss, debate and deconstruct the way our industry reacts and reflects our modern society, and how we as designers can best use our skill to reflect this relationship. Join us on Wednesday 7 February to at 7 p.m. Where? At the Ecoworking, 27 rue Romarin 69001 Lyon.

  • interaction 18

    February 3-8 2018
    Interaction Week 18 wants to reflect on how technology and design are shaping the world moving forward by building bridges across cultures, disciplines and industries to reach shared goals. We are going to listen to experts and join conversations to reshape our changing relations with ourselves, our objects, the environment and the society as a whole.

  • NGI Matchmaking Event

    February 1st 2018
    NGI Matchmaking The Next Generation Internet (NGI) is a key priority in the H2020 ICT Work Programme 2018-2020 which will ensure a more human-centric Internet supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness, transparency and protection of privacy.
    The NGI matchmaking event in Lyon brings together participants (companies, R&D structures and universities) from several European countries. Participants are invited to collaborate on H2020as well as on Fast Track to Innovation and Eurostars calls to ensure the best impact of the meetings.

  • Alternative to Google

    January 26th and April 4th 2018
    Google holds the monopoly on Search engines, but you can join us to discover other free search engines. The Municipal Library offers workshops to discover alternative web services to Google. You will discover a section of free culture, through the work of the Lyon association Framasoft.

  • Ethics and Big data

    January 24th 2018
    Ethics and Big data “Big data, robots and artificial intelligences: What ethical dynamics for our new digital technologies?”. You are invited to the conference proposed by CPE School as part of the Digital Chair in partnership with Sopra Steria. It will be a lecture given by Mathieu Guillermin and a discuss about the subject with experts. See you on January 24th at the Grand Amphithéâtre of CPE Lyon, Campus LyonTech-La Doua.


    January 20th 2018
    TITRE A VENIR Organizes its inauguration evening the 20th of january, 2018. The program for the evening: a performance of DJTALHUMAIN, mixing dance and digital art and the inauguration of the collaborative mural collaborative «Méta Langage de l’Anthropocène». This will be the occasion to present the project TAV which is interested in the Anthropocene, new geological epoch where the human species is able to transform its natural environment. The goal is to make this scientific knowledge accessible to the general public, through the prism of Art.
    The project is part of a process of collaborative, inclusive and interdisciplinary artistic creation. It brings together twenty active members from diverse backgrounds (artists, researchers, developers, IT, makers, job seekers, students, climate activists, etc.).

  • Les Interconnectés 2017

    December 6-7 2017

    Nouveau lieu, nouveaux angles de perspectives, le Forum des Interconnectés se mue en Forum Action: deux jours d’échanges de bonnes pratiques, de mises en lumière des territoires français qui expérimentent et engagent la transformation numérique.

    Un programme organisé autour des 6 briques essentielles pour construire les territoires innovants dans le respect des spécificités de chacun: infrastructures, data, participation citoyenne, modernisation des services publics, smartcity, expérimentation.

    Des formats adaptés: parcours défricheur pour accéder à la bonne information et découvrir les bonnes pratiques et le parcours expert pour alimenter sa vison stratégique et ouvrir de nouveaux champs d’action.

  • Hacking Health Lyon

    December 1,2 & 3 2017
    Hacking Health Lyon takes place under the auspices of the international movement « Hacking Health », an independent international movement born in Canada. We organize a health hackathon that is intended to facilitate the emergence of innovative projects in the health field and to transform health system through digital tools.

  • Understanding and decrypting media information

    November 29th 2017
    Understanding and decrypting media information Do you want to develop your critical thinking about media and discover new tools to decrypt information? Do you want to expand the field of your source information ?
    Through concrete examples, different treatments of Information by promoting a critical reading of the media. The purpose of this workshop is to emancipate ourself from the attractivness of images and news to take the step on the emotion in front of the flow of information.

  • BLEND Web Mix

    October 26-27 2017
    BlendWebMix 2017 is 2 days of essential meetings, exchanges and sharing around the Web. Melting pot of enthusiasts, professionals, experts, novices and curious, BlendWebMix is open to all! If you are also part of or interested in the web ecosystem, this is the rendezvous not to be missed!