WebCome Lyon Events

  • Digital Summit

    March 19th 2018
    Digital Summit the meeting dedicated to the digital transformation of companies, supported by the Region, returns for the second year in a row, Monday, March 19 at Lyon Confluence. 1 Esplanade François Mitterrand, 69002
    Building on the success of this first edition, the Region is renewing the operation, with the exceptional participation of Mingpo Cai, president of Cathay and Nicolas Dufourcq, general manager of BPI France.
    Aimed at professionals, the Digital Summit 2018 will offer a program of workshops focused on the digital transformation of businesses:
    • Digitalization of the industry
    • Sell products and services around the world without a millennials shop
    • Can intelligence be automated
    • Connectivity in Auvergne Rhône Alpes: which flows for which uses? the appointment with public and private broadband fixed and mobile operators
    Many highlights will punctuate this day: Plenary session – Demonstrations – Visits – Networking – Meetings with regional start-ups, some of which won the CES Innovation award.

  • Medical information on the web: how to trust it?

    March 13rd 2018
    Medical information on the web: how to trust it? Does turmeric cure cancer? Are vaccines responsible for autism? Today, medical information is a vein exploited by many blogs and website, unfortunately less concerned about our health than the number of clicks we bring them. Outrancière, distorted, even downright false, medical information on the web can even be dangerous. Who has not already entered his symptoms in Google to find himself suffering from a tropical disease disappeared since the sixteenth century? How to find one’s way in this jungle of contradictory information? How to trust? Come and discuss and conduct the survey during this workshop that will allow you to take stock of your digital practices and your ways of evaluating information, in the age of the web and social networks. See you on march 13, 2 rue Domer – 69007 Lyon, from 17pm to 19pm!

  • La Nuit du Code Citoyen

    March 9th-10th 2018
    Nuit du Code Citoyen La Nuit du Code Citoyen is a marathon of innovation organized by Bricodeurs, March 9th and 10th, 2018 associating thematic citizens and technology, simultaneously, in several cities of French-speaking countries. The event will be followed by workshops and by a program of accompaniment over time The keywords:
    • Work on relevant projects and technological challenges.
    • Connect passionate with technology, designers, committed actors and institutions.
    • Organize an international event thought of the local level.
    • Assure(Insure) the continuity and the follow-up of the projects on the long term.
    • Create a playful and educational event for the participants.
    • Opening and distribution(broadcasting) with the public in particular in all the generations.

  • Transformation Numérique

    March 8th 2018
    Transformation Numérique The Métropole de Lyon and the University of Lyon have teamed up to offer a cycle of 8 conferences for the general public on the theme of digital, as part of the “University Diploma Digital Transformation.” Big data, connected objects or artificial intelligence. Each conference proposed is a great opportunity to discover the new digital challenges, with companies, university specialists and students. These conferences are also a good introduction to discover the new “University Diploma Digital Transformation.” Will you be tempted at the start of the next school year?.

  • Mapathon Missing Maps

    March 7th 2018
    Mapathon Missing Maps Come and discover participatory mapping through the platform OpenStreetMap. The Mapathon MissingMap humanitarian project aims to map the parts of the world vulnerable to natural disasters, health crises, environmental crises, conflicts and poverty. Find us at the Social Good Week, March 7th from 7:00pm at the Library of Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

  • Commons management design

    March 5th 2018 – 1:30 PM
    La Myne, 1 Rue du Luizet, 69100 Villeurbanne.
    Commons management design How can we think of organisations as commons to manage? We invite you to reflect on the management of organisations. A playful method to learn how to make the commons and the development of a toolbox for managing the commons can be used by associations, cooperatives, companies or administrations. The aim is to rethink the organizations on a management of commons.

  • Behavior Workshop

    March 1st 2018
    Behavior Workshop Social robotics makes an appointment with you in Lyon! Behaviour AI, organizes for you a workshop on the emotional intelligence and the social robots! From 9:30 am till 6:00 pm in the Campus de la DOUA, Batiment Nautibus (Room C4). The ideal moment to learn on the last advances regarding social robotics, to present your research, to exchange ideas with researchers and practitioners and especially, pleasure to participate in the program and to contribute to a rich and fruitful experiment for all… Furthermore, it will be the opportunity to attend discussions, realized by state-of-the-art researchers in this domain: Subscribe on-line!

  • Les Extrapreneurs

    March 1st 2018
    Les Extrapreneurs Come discover and inspire you with testimonials of startups created by former employees of Grands Groupes. This first event will take place in the new premises of Lyon Michelin Group: 107 rue Servient 69003 Lyon, Thursday, 1st of March, 2018. Managers or collaborators? Everyone is welcome at this event!


    February 27th 2018
    TUBA’XPERT We are waiting for you on February 27, for a new edition of TUBA’XPERTS. Should we regulate algorithms? What are the challenges? What solutions exist today? We will raise some problems about algorithms through the intervention of several experts of the question. Find us from 6:30 p.m at TUBA!

  • Lundi 3.0

    February, 19th 2018
    Lundi 3.0 On February 19, find the actors of the social and solidarity economy and the professionals of cybersecurity. A reflection on cybersecurity in the associative framework Will be engaged during a conference and workshops at the CCO of Villeurbanne. Are you wondering about machine safety, web browsing and information storage? Do not miss this appointment of Lundi 3.0 to have concrete answers to your concerns.