WebCome Lyon Events

  • Internet and democracy

    May 4th may 2018
    Internet and democracy

    Friday, May 4th from 2pm to 6pm, we will hear Andrew Feenberg, this time in French, and Coline Ferrarato, in a two-part debate. It will be at Enssib, in the amphitheater. Andrew Feenberg will begin with a conference on “Internet and Democracy”, and Coline Ferrarato will continue on the theme “Digital Hybridity: Contribution to Critical Theory of Technology”.

    • Andrew Feenberg holds the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology at the Simon Fraser University School of Communication (Harbor Center, Vancouver). He is also Program Director at the International College of Philosophy.
    • Coline Ferrarato is a student at Ens-Ulm. Her philosophy master focused on contemporary digital issues. In particular, she analyzed a concrete example, free software, the light of Gilbert Simondon’s theories. Coline Ferrarato is currently a French lecturer at the Eötvös University in Budapest (Hungary). She is a member of RAIL (Enssib / IXXI).

  • Augmented reality

    May 3rd 2018

    Augmented reality As part of its DU Digital Transformation, the Disrupt ‘Campus of the University of Lyon organizes a cycle of 8 conferences on different themes, MDE 90 rue de Marseille – 69007, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

    See you on may 3rd to attend the conference on: “Augmented reality, a 3D vision of work  !?” by Serge Miguet and Marine Corbelin
    Digital Transformation, The Métropole and the University of Lyon have teamed up to offer a cycle of 8 conferences for the general public on the theme of digital, as part of the “University Diploma Digital Transformation.” Big data, connected objects or still artificial intelligence… Each conference proposed is a great opportunity to discover the new digital challenges, with companies, academic specialists and students. These lectures are also a good introduction to discover the new “University Diploma Digital Transformation.” You will be tempted at the start of the next school year  ?

    To participate, thank you to register

  • Internet’s ecosystem

    May 3rd 2018
    Internet’s ecosystem

    On Thursday, May 3rd from 2pm to 4pm, we will hear Andrew Feenberg, the world-renowned technical philosopher, at Ens Lyon. Site Monod, in thesis room: 46 av d’Italie, Lyon 7e. The lecture, in English, will cover “The Internet as network, system, world”. He will analyze the internet by showing the contributions of Husserl, Marcuse, Simondon and Latour. By showing how we can both take advantage of these authors and offer a particularly fine analysis of the internet.

    Andrew Feenberg is the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology at the Simon Fraser University School of Communication (Harbor Center, Vancouver). He is also Program Director at the International College of Philosophy.

  • Meet up AI

    May 2nd 2018 nd 2018
    Meet up AI Meetup. I.A and social robotics in collaboration with meetup groups “I.A LYON”, “SOCIAL ROBOTICS” as well as “LYON ISAI”. May 2, 2018 at CPE Lyon, 43 Bvd du 11 Novembre 1918, Villeurbanne, from 6.30pm (doors open 30 min before)
    Open to all, this evening proposes to understand the interactions between A.I developments and social robotics, the innovations at work on the Lyon territory, their operations and the stakes related to their future uses. Two inspirational talks and feedback in social robotics
    • Speakers in the process of confirmation
    • Amélie Cordier |Scientific Director – Hoomano
    • Jade Le Maitre | CTO and Co-Founder – Hease Robotics

    Free entry.
    Do not hesitate to consult the program, and to follow them on Facebook and Twitter !

  • WebCome Day

    April 28th 2018
    A full IN/OFF day , the WebCome Day, will be held on April 28th, at closing of The Web Conference with participative debates, meetings with the actors of the Off collective, demonstrations, posters of those who make the web in Lyon and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, cooperative workshops, citizen workshops, and a great debate with researchers on the theme “Social networks in the Fake News era”. Watch for the release of the upcoming program on WebCome Day Program and don’t miss the blog articles that will be published on the blog of WebCome Lyon!
    As part of this day, an Hackateen (an Hackaton for teenagers) is co-organised by the IN and the OFF, aimed at high school students and supervised by university students under the guidance of IN and OFF partner companies. High school students, register for the Hackateen by filling out the form.

  • Hackateen

    April 28th 2018
    Hackateen is a hackathon, with teams mixing boys and girls from university and high school.
    During a full day, teams will think of a problem, design a solution… and develop it! To do so, some experts will support the teams. Team members will create web pages, use open source artificial intelligence tools, and glue elements together.
    This event is co-organized by The Web Conference and WebCome Lyon, in the framework of WebCome Day.
    It will take place the 28th of April 2018, at l’Université de Lyon, 92 rue Pasteur 69007.

  • Alpha: 34H pour hacker les transports

    April 27 th to 28 th 2018
    Alpha: 34H pour hacker les transports On April 27 and 28, 2018 the HackLyon student association organizes its “Alpha” hackathon as part of the OFF events of The Web Conference. 50 students will have 34H to program the best solution for urban transport through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence!
    Regional and international companies will exchange with students to propose their issues and technologies around workshops, conferences and mentorships. Registration is free and it’s happening in the premises of Epitech Lyon, 4 Rue du Professeur Charles Appleton, 69007 Lyon.!
    Registration is open to all Register there! and businesses with! Warning, remember that there are only 50 places!
    For more information, do not hesitate to consult the article on our blog or the website –> 4 Rue Professor Charles Appleton, 69007 Lyon.

  • Accessibility and free digital

    April 27 th 2018
    Accessibility and free digital

    With the Free Software Association of Lyon (Aldil), a workshop open to all around “Accessibility and Free Software”. With the presence of several associations working around this theme. See you on April 27 th, 4 Montée de la Carnière, 69800 Saint-Priest.

    On April 24 th, 2018 at 6pm, will be the vernissage of the comic strip “We all have a disability and we all need each other”.

    However, when creating the comic strip, the Carnière team encountered some problems. Indeed, these obstacles occurred during the use of free software Gimp and LibreOffice, for a person who couldn’t use the mouse or his voice… From this observation, they took advantage of this week around disability to set up a workshop-reflection and question accessibility and digital free.

    Vincent Mabillot – Aldil, teacher researcher in information science and communication, responsible for the license Colibre
    Laurent Claude – Educator Arimc – free software enthusiast – software creator of Mail2Voice
    Hoël Ascouët – Coordinator for the association MIETE
    Christian Grenier – Contributor OSM, fablab animator FOL St-Priest
    Abdelmalek Boureghda – Webmaster et computer animator
    Carole Duguy – Digital animator Bibliothèque de la Part Dieu

  • Job Fair TWC

    April 26th2018
    Job fair – The Web Conference The Web Conference is pleased to announce the first edition of its Job fair. Increase your chances to find the perfect job, grow in your professional career and meet your future employee. Are you a company looking for new employees? Are you entering the job market? Or simply want a new human dynamic? Don’t miss The Web Conference’s fair job!

  • Web and Gender Barcamp

    April 26 th 2018
    Web et Gender Barcamp Data processing, why not me? The young people speak, see you on April 26 th, 2018 at INSA, Gustave Ferrié building, from 1:15 pm to 4:30 pm.
    Introductory conference by Marie Després Lonnet
    Thinking of young people by group around 3 themes:
    • How to be better informed about computer science at school and with your family?
    • How can I get more interest in informatics from girls?
    • How to develop the practice of computers at school and outside?
    • Plenary restitution

    Public: 3ème (collèges)