WebCome Lyon

The Steering Collective (CoPil) of WebCome Lyon is led by an ActionGroup (CoPil Volunteers) and a Communication Group (CoPil volunteers).

You have a 2017-2018 schedule of activities or events that resonates in a way or another one with the theme of the WEB? Propose it to integrate it within the framework of WebCome Lyon for:

  • participate in the dynamics formed by all the programming
  • facilitate the communication of your activity to any interested public
  • actively involve the general public in the coming of a major scientific conference
  • reinforce the identification of the dynamics of the territory on the theme of the Web
  • articulate and develop all types of initiatives around the WEB
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Join the OFF is:

  • Read the WebCome Lyon charter
  • Join the CoPil and get involved in its functioning
  • Register in the WebCome Lyon’s own communication:
    • Presence on the WebCome Lyon website, presence of WebCome Lyon on your website
    • Communication supports developed by the OFF (flyer to download, media of communication possible – according to need and means)
    • Direct and / or indirect presence of each member of the OFF during the activities / events of other members (communication, participation, …)
  • Have logistical support with two trainees followed by the Coexiscience Collective and the local committee organization of The Web Conference
    • Permanence of WebCome Lyon and monitoring of activities / events during WebCome Lyon
    • Help with logistical problem solving
    • Networking of the different initiatives
    • Organization of a transversal day at the OFF in relation with all the stakeholders