Les journées du Logiciel Libre

Journées du logiciel libre

March 24th and 25th 2018
For the 20 years of the “Free Software Days”, the JdLL will open their doors on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of March, at the Maison Pour Tous Salle Rancy -Lyon.
Les Journées du Logiciel Libre Co-organized by the ALDIL (Association of Lyon for the Development of Free Computing), Illyse (Internet Provider of Lyon and Saint-Etienne associative) and the MPT Hall Rancy (House of Youth and Culture of 3ᵉ), the JdLL are a meeting place with the actors of the free world: free and open culture associations and companies, free software communities and free GNU / Linux systems, factories / laboratories of free objects.
There will be:
  • An associative village to meet and exchange with associations, companies from the world of free
  • Conferences to discover and debate
  • Workshops to practice
  • Demonstrations and presentations on software, free projects …
  • Activities for children from 7 years old on our Gones Pole
  • A Dot It Yourself space for creating, repairing, recycling, tinkering …
  • An Install Party area to get advice and support in the installation of free software and GNU / Linux systems
  • Animations